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Active sites

  • New England Aquarium Dive Club (2004-Present)
    Website for the New England Aquarium Dive club. I inherited this site January 2004, but have since heavily modified it. I am currently in the process of a major redesign.
  • Theresa and Steve's Wedding (2007-2008)
    I have also made a website for a recent wedding. Everything was made from scratch in using photoshop.
  • Waltham Fire Department (2002-2009)
    A recent project was for the Waltham Fire Department. I can't take credit for the site design or interface, but the content and design on the indivual pages is mine. This job required a lot of coordination between different members of the fire department, taking into account different ideas and working schedules.

Inactive sites
  • Framingham LEPC (2001-2003) CACHED
    I got the job working for the Framingham LEPC after they saw the work I did for Waltham, and liked it. For this site, there wasn't as much information as Waltham's LEPC (Framingham was only recently certified), so I was able to organize it better. This site allowed me to further play around with Flash, and create a menu at the top of each page. It is still being updated, but everything that goes up has to be approved by the mayor which takes a while. As with Waltham's site, I had to find a web host for this one as well.
  • Waltham LEPC (2000-2003) CACHED
    This is the webpage for the Local Emergency Planning Committee in my hometown. An LEPC is an organization which handles any disaster in the town, we get information from possible danger sites, and in case of an emergency, coordinate with fire, police and 911. For more information on LEPCs, click here.I currently maintain all aspects of this website, and it has seen many revisions since I created it in 1998. I have been responsible for keeping links current, maintaining an up-to date news page, and making sure the yearly revisions to the plan are reflected on the website. Recently, I moved the site to a new host, and set up everything for that. The newest addition is a DHTML menubar, which replaced a similar one which used frames to split the subcategories.
  • UMDHK Clanpage (2000-2001) CACHED
    This page came about as a way to keep in touch with a bunch of my friends. In college, we all played a computer game called Counterstrike, and formed a kind of club. We practiced together, and every so often, we had tournaments against other groups. Toward the end, we had members from as far away as Minnesotta, at several different colleges. It was a place to display the roster, and info about each member. It was also a great chance for me to play around with Flash. You'll notice the movies on some of the pages were all done using it.

I am also an amateur photographer, please view and feel free to comment on some of my work in my photo gallery.

If you have any questions, or would like me to design something for you, please email me at steve@whitfordwebdesign.com