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27 Lexington Street
Waltham MA 02452

Under the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act of 1986, communities are required to establish Local Emergency Planning Committees to develop a response plans for chemical emergencies. In accordance with this legislation, the City of Waltham has identified locations where hazardous materials are stored, used, and transported.

     Under Sections 311-312 of this act, the community has a right to know information about hazardous chemicals in their city, in an easily accessible form.

  The Waltham Local Emergency Planning Committee fulfills its responsibilities, under the law by bringing representatives of municipal government, industry, universities and other interested organizations to identify the hazards within the city and prepare for emergencies involving hazardous materials. this plan also provides information to the citizens of our community on the chemical hazards at facilities and on the roadways of the city.

If you have any questions about any other aspect of the Waltham LEPC, email us at

Public Meeting Notice
The Local Emergency Planning Committee will hold a semi-annual meeting at 9AM on Friday, September 29, 2006 in the Auditorium of Government Center - 119 School Street
For more information, view the notice here

Dial 911 to report a Hazardous Material Release or Spill in Waltham
Section 304 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act (EPCRA) requires immediate notification to the LEPC and SERC if there is a release into the environment of a hazardous substance that exceeds the reportable quantity for that substance. The number to provide notification to the Waltham Fire Department and Waltham LEPC is 911. The State Emergency Response Commission (SERC) is 508-820-2000 and the National response Center reporting number is 1-800-424-8802. A written follow-up detailing the release and action taken is required to the LEPC and SERC as soon as practicable following the release.

2004 Edition of the Emergency Response Guidebook now available on Waltham LEPC Website
Click here to access the Guidebook

Tier II Reports for 2005 are due to the LEPC by March 1, 2006.
Tier II Reports for facilities in the City of Waltham are to be submitted with certification letter, by March 1, 2006 in the Tier2 Submit format
Mail to Waltham Local Emergency Planning Committee, c/o Waltham Fire Department, 175 Lexington Street, Waltham, MA 02452
Reports can be e-mailed to the Waltham LEPC at: with the signed certification letter mailed to the above address.
The Tier2Submit 2005 reporting software is now available for download from the U.S EPA
  • Tier 2 Submit 2005 for Windows
  • Tier 2 Submit 2005 for Macintosh

  • 2005 Facility Submission Guide
  • 2005 Waltham LEPC Reporting Requirements

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    12/28/04 - December 7, 2004 Exercise Summary
    12/28/04 - December 15, 2004 Meeting Minutes
    11/30/04 - 2004 Tiew II Reporting Requirements
    9/19/04 - 2004 Emergency Response Guidebook added
    6/08/04 - June 2, 2004 Meeting Minutes
    4/15/04 - LEPC Emergency Plan Updated


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