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Welcome to the new Clan News section of the UMDHK web site. Here I'll post upcoming clan matches and other events you might be interested in knowing. If you have anything you'd like me to add, email it to me at

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03-03-01 - UMassD Clans ladder! It looks like there's gonna be a ladder tourney for all the clans at UMass Dartmouth. Check out Qmass or the GFD Clan Page for all the info. It looks like there are gonna be matches Sunday at 6pm.

01-29-01 - Well, it's a new year, and UMDHK has a new home. From now on we'll be found at Lots of other news! Speed has retired, I've left school, but still plan to play when I get a cable modem. As you can see below, we've got new clanmembers, and there's a LAN party in Framingham in Febuary! (take a look, CS 5v5 with prizes!) and we've got a Poll (the big green box above)!

12-15-00 - Well, everyone, the clan is constantly growing! We just had a clanpractice, and Anthro has approved 2 new members. Maynard_james_keenan, and Iceman. I'll be adding them to the newbies section when I get a chance.

12-06-00 - LAN Party at WPI!!!! WPI is going to be hosting a 4v4 CS tournament on December 9,10. If anyone thinks they're going, let me know! For more info, go here.

12-04-00 - Sorry, no practice this week either, I've got too much shit to do. If anyone wants to play anyway, let me know, and I'll post their server.

11-19-00 - We're going to be having practices every week. Monday at 9:15. The server will be, and the password will be umdhkpractice

11-15-00 - LAN PARTIES!!! There are some CS lan parties coming up (relatively) soon in New England. There's one in December in Metheun (near Boston), one in Febuary, in Framingham, and one in August, in Springfield

11-7-00 - I'm going to start having practice sessions every week or so, so we can get used to killing with each other again. If you didn't get my email, you're not on my list. Email me, and I'll add you. The stats for the first one are up, click here

11-3-00 - The results from the GFD clanmatch are up... WE GOT SPANKED!!!!!! Click here for more info